Suffice it to say I found plenty of fodder for my other books in the headlines of the New York Post (my second book, Eyes of Prey was inspired by Bernhard Goetz the New York City subway vigilante). Blood Sacrifice was inspired by the Philadelphia media’s sensationalized reporting on the first openly gay graduate of the Philadelphia Police Academy. I couldn’t imagine the anguish he felt with his name and picture plastered all over Philly media (both in print and on television). Since all of my books are written from a female perspective I decided to write about the problems faced by the first openly lesbian graduate of the academy. For a plot I had she and her partner investigating a serial murder. There’s a delicate balance between the investigation to identify and capture the killer and Thea’s dealing with the bigotry, prejudice and hostility engendered by the publicity she received upon her graduation from the academy.

Headlines is more often than not how I choose the plot of my novels. What inspires you? After all, there is no one way authors receive their inspiration.